♥ Thursday, April 22, 2010
3:30 PM

I always believe no matter what comparison we made with other human beings, things will turn bad. If the comparison made is a good one on you, there is no reason to be angry or upset about. In fact feeling happy and a little proud that we have done better than the ppl we had compared with.

Some ppl after 7 or 8 years of relationship but yet havent master the skills of loving the one living with you. I am upset just upset when such things happen. I didnt mean to spoil the great moments. I used to compare you with other ppl and you were upset and angry about it. After that I learnt not to compare you with others. I became very happy with the simple life we are living. I had no complaint no matter how bad those situations were as long as we are together and enjoying just the little simple life. I admit I cant accept my the other half not with me when I need him. I am a very simple person. What I need is just someone who is able to be with me when I need him. Money is not as important as that. You going for holidays I have no complaint. But by just telling how badly I miss you actually got a negative remark from you and you actually made a comparison with me and your relatives whose husbands are out of town to work. I am seriously upset. I didnt want things to go bad during ur trip and after you come back. But what has done has been done. I can only apologize that I have spoilt your trip. I am sorry. I made a wrong timing to make the wrong call and that actually make my day bad and I assumed it spoilt ur day too.


♥ Tuesday, March 16, 2010
8:50 PM


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♥ Friday, March 5, 2010
9:52 PM


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♥ Wednesday, February 10, 2010
8:36 PM

This post I suppose will be a long ranting post I guess.
Having some kind of a bad mood that made my day crazy with happiness plus sadness as well.
Morning spoilt by my unreasonable mum just because of a silly mistake made by my sister.
And that actually dragged me into the irritating situation.

I could say that by going out is a very good choice to release angryness. But once back onto the armchair in front of the study table, the feeling just came by and never leave.
Got some serious thinking session on how to improve current situation but actually influence me to read F's blog. I realised things for everyone has changed. People in love used to be childish from the start. But when it comes to one big problem, fighting and quarrelling just comes to our mind.

When people in love hold their hands and walk down the long future path together, childish-ness get out of their life, but seriousness enters. Somehow miss those kiddy days together. But I get it back. I have lost it. For some reasons, I feel this is bad enough but for the other reasons, I guess its time to get to seriousness. I want to have a life of my own. Because I have been living in the shadow of someone who I hated so much sometimes.

I wish to get out of that cold shadow soon. May god bless me.

♥ Sunday, February 7, 2010
9:52 AM

Jan 16 was my latest post. Didn't get to blog that often because of some busy schedule due to MP and previously SIP. I suppose now should be a better time to say that I am somehow not in a very good mood to do the best MP i can do. BECAUSE MY MOTIVATION CANNOT BE FOUND~~!!!!

Vowed to do good for my MP but think now its slightly impossible unless my motivation has found me or rather I find it.

Apart from all the nonsense I have been going through for my school work, I still manage to find enjoyment. I could say that the "enjoyment" I have gotten has always been by my side. And the "enjoyment" has been by my side for 20 months plus!!:D And here we go, hand in hand doing so many things I haven't done before, same apply for my "enjoyment". Wish and hope that this wonderful piece of "enjoyment" can accompany me until the end of my life(:

Hard to say that things will go through the way I want but at the very least, I have always try my best to keep things in the best condition effortlessly. Anyway Chinese New Year 2010 is coming. I shouldn't say that I am looking for it, but I should say that I am looking forward for my "enjoyment" to come for house visit. And we can have steamboat together. Thinking about it, it is pretty cool.

Even before the actual day comes, we actually went to queue up for the Lim Chee Guan Bak Kua for 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We queue up on behalf of his sister though. So hot!!! So thirsty!!! So tired!!! So hungry!!! After that we went to have our lunch at this porridge shop. The fish porridge which I had ordered have so much fish bones! Somehow got pissed eating it, haha! But still, I have managed to get it wipe out before we head to shop around Chinatown streets. Bought Yogurt jelly but we got cheated. Should say we are blur lol. That China guy said 1 jelly for 100g. 100g for $1.50. So he got us 5. So should be $7.50! And worse still, he said give us 100g free. So means we are supposed to pay $6! But we paid $9. Damn it! No wonder I suddenly feel so expensive, but because of the hot weather, I just want to get out of the crowd fast. I think Mates still dunno about it yet that he had got cheated. Haha!

Shall stop here for today. Bathe and out to town later(= Ciaoz!!

♥ Saturday, January 16, 2010
11:33 AM

Almost a long one month I have neglected my blog.
I shouldnt say its really forget bout it, but just pure laziness to login and blog.

Indeed for these one month, a lot of things happen. Both good and bad..haha!
A lot of things come in handy for this month. Purely because planning before this month is involved. I would say that, what happen this month, is within my plan. So it seems that things have gone through what I want. So I am happy with my current life(=

Not to mention bout my special half, just celebrated the big 22nd birthday with him and his family(= And of cos with our new year resolution made and all the planning for future. Overflowing love from him, same applied to me. So I guess without much difficulties, we are going to walk into he 20th month annivasary soon~!!(=

Then I assume our 2 yrs annivasary, we are going to get seperated depending on his admission of his army lor)= Sad but happy that he is going to be trained to be a real man in army. Will end here(=

♥ Friday, December 25, 2009
10:11 AM

Merry Christmas People~!!!! :D

I will happily assume that everyone will have a beautiful Christmas eve night yesterday,
be it with friends or relatives.
But what most important its still the gathering and happy moments(:

For me, I had my Christmas Eve celebrated with my baby's home with JW and Aa and also his family members. Helping up for the food and eating the food, and even rejecting the food LOL. Rejecting reason being I was too full to squeeze anything else.

Over here, I want to thank baby for the present and the hardwork u have put in for this present. Its really cute with the bear with the costume where I could actually remove the hand off the coat. HAHA! Thank to his family for all the fun and happiness. Thank to his friends for the wonderful chat sessions. THANK GUYSSS:D

Last but not least, this year Christmas air is not here, I couldnt feel it tho I have enjoyed with my friends. I will look forward for more wonderful Christmas years(=

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